Subscriber Management

Easiest Subscriber Management Ever

Easily import, manage and segment your subscribers!

Creative 150+ Templates

Give a personal look to your campaigns!

Choose from the vast collection of categorized email templates to create unique campaigns.

Social Media Integration

Social Interactions & Sharing

With all outgoing emails, you can setup social media link buttons easily!

Automatic Inbox Preview

View how your campaigns will look in different email clients, prior to actual delivery.

For maximum effect and click thru rate, it is important to know what your email looks like in all of popular email clients. StickyWeb Email Marketing software’s inbox preview tool displays how your email will look in the common email clients (Hotmail,Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc). In case something is found as to be out of place, so you’re shown what to change to make sure maximum inbox compatibility.

Send Different Campaigns

We provide you options to select campaigns according to need.

Create awesome campaigns for your own marketing and email needs. From a basic newsletter campaign to a sophisticated automated auto responder, StickyWebs Email Marketing software will help you meet your goals. The campaign types includes API based campaigns, One time campaigns, Birthday campaigns, Auto responder campaigns, RSS triggered campaigns, Split testing campaigns, Text-only campaigns, Date based campaigns, Scheduled campaigns, Fetched by URL campaigns and Recurring campaigns.

Personalize Your Camapaigns

Personalize your camapaigns as you want!

Add your Details, Your Social links, Just think about a campaign as you would like it and Go for it!

Automated Bounce Handling

Automated Bounce Handling

Easily keep your lists clean, our system will check on both hard and soft bounced emails

Exclude Unwanted Subscribers

Built in Subscriber Exclusion System

Just put the email addresses under Exclusion list when you need make sure you skip someone in the future

Reporting & Analysis

Detailed reporting and statistics will let you know exact outcomes of your investments

You can create and send perfect email campaign, but one thing which is to be examined is how many subscribers are just opening your email campaign. And from the statistics tab you could see correctly who opened your email and how many times they opened the email, or also date & time that they saw your campaign. As you could look data like as bar chart or like data table with elaborated detail. It is easy to see open rate report of last year, also last 30 days, and last 7 days.

Third Party API Integration

Integrate third party apps/software like google analytics, Salesforce, SugarCRM, FreshBooks etc.

With the help of our API, you could create an app more effort for your own special use, or make single designed to be used through thousands of businesses. Our software has designed to enable integration with all external services to serve perfect marketing solution. Our superb email marketing API is applicable with our hosted service and downloaded software. So we are frequently building upon our API with more new API features & calls to welcome our users’ needs.